After Crossdressing and Provoking Long AoTian
After Crossdressing and Provoking Long AoTian
By Handsome Magic Bunny Girl, 魔法少女兔英俊
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Yu QingTang transmigrated into a book, becoming a background character from a small sect that basically had no script, never appearing more than 3 times even if you searched the entire text, basically having no difference being in the book or not. He originally thought he had nothing to do with the story plot and treated it as getting the opportunity to experience the life of a cultivator. However, when he was 12 years old, because the sect couldn’t gather 4 female cultivators to participate in the Immortal Sects’ Unique (Mah) Skills (Jong) Competition for Women, he was forced into women’s clothing by his Da-Shijie and taken to the WanXian Pavilion to fill the numbers. In the back mountains of WanXian Pavilion, he met the still young Long AoTian. The Proud Dragon Son of Heaven said he had fallen in love with “her” at first sight. Yu QingTang: “……” He put on a fake smile and said: “Haha, I am still young. Come propose in the future if you’re capable.” The Proud Dragon Son of Heaven snapped a peach blossom branch and handed it to him. Eyes bright and hopeful with a shimmering light, and the mannerism of an innocent young boy, he said with reddened ears: “It’s a deal!” Yu QingTang was almost blinded by this harmness and benign face before recalling how in the book, this person had peach blossoms like the flowing water, childhood sweethearts all over the world, and red and white roses fighting to the death over him. Instantly his heart calmed like still water. Rejecting all feelings and relations, he replied insincerely: “Of course of course.” …… Seven years later, the Proud Dragon Son of Heaven, who grew up to be a humanoid typhoon, came for a visit. Yu QingTang’s cheap Master: “Oh Tang! He went to the Seven Swords Sect before and beat them until there’s only two swords left! This Master is already old and can no longer handle such a youthful warrior!” Da-Shijie: “Xiao-Shidi, don’t panic. I have a treasure that can solve this problem!” She took out the Beauty Pavilion’s newest and most fashionable outfit for female cultivators. Yu QingTang: “…… Get lost!” …… To save the declining sect, Yu QingTang decided to debut as a female cultivation idol…… like hell. Enduring the humiliation in silence, he changed into women’s clothes and decided to tactfully reject Long AoTian according to his Shijie’s instructions. As soon as he left the sect’s gates, he saw the young man leaning against a long spear, stepping on the head of a ferocious beast that had been harassing the sect for so many months it almost made his Master activate the mountain’s great defense wards. Eyes shining bright like stars, the young man hastily wiped away the blood on his hands and called to him: “XianZi!” “The Qing Province’s Golden Core Competition is summoning all of the world’s heroes. I… I want to invite XianZi to travel there together with me. I don’t know if XianZi can, uhh……” It seemed as if he rarely said such genteel and cultured words. Stumbling several times in one sentence, he glanced up at Yu QingTang with a red flushed face, pure and innocent. Yu QingTang looked cautiously at the censored corpse of the ferocious beast beneath his foot and suspected this might be his state of death after he opens his mouth: “……” —Shijie, even though the script you wrote to snap off this peach blossom was very cool, I really don’t have the damn guts QAQ! Bleakly and weakly the wind blows; cold the Yi river flows. The valiant man, once gone, returns in women’s clothes. Tags: Younger Gong, The Proud Son of Heaven, Cultivation, Transmigration One sentence introduction: Nothing but regret QAQ Concept: Sincerity is forever the killing blow.

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