2D Otaku with Social Anxiety Also Wants to Date!
2D Otaku with Social Anxiety Also Wants to Date!
By Crocodile Man Travels To The Mountain, 鳄人行山
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The socially anxious Ruan Cunyun only dared to let go of himself in the 2D world. There are three things he loves the most in his life: 1. Holing up at home playing games 2. Cosplay 3. Collecting the entire sets of Teacher Balls’s doujinshi art books. ——This character of an acute Otaku, if known by colleagues, would result in social death! On his first day at work, a colleague asked about his interests and hobbies, and Ruan Cunyun came forward with the practiced fake answers and fake smiles: “Sports, travelling, music.” After he finished speaking, he saw a man in a crisp suit walking into view, exuding a strong professional aura. The colleagues respectfully said, “Hello, Mr. Qin.” Ruan Cunyun broke out in a cold sweat: Shit, I seem to have seen him at the comic exhibition four years ago. Am I going to be exposed on the first day? – Qin Fanglu, the co-founder of a black horse company, had started from scratch and climbed up through challenging experiences. His paperman obsession was buried deep underneath his mature and elite appearance. No employee knows that the meticulous young entrepreneur was actually an Otaku for ten years with hundreds of thousands of fans online, and was addressed as “The Circle’s Great God Teacher Balls.” Qin Fanglu considered himself as an extremely rational papermen-sexual. He has never liked real people and doesn’t know how he should like them. But the newly hired child unexpectedly barged into his life. A baby face, cool touches. A pair of tiger teeth were sometimes exposed when he smiled. The self-cognition of being a papermen-s*xual for more than 20 years collapsed. How should normal young people date? The old acute Otaku took romance courses from scratch, yet why does he fail to understand it no matter how much he studied? – Ruan Cunyun & Qin Fanglu: I am an acute Otaku, I can’t let him find out! ★ Two acute otakus pretending to be life-fulfilled people, sprawled on their backs after the car overturned, wobblily dating. ★ Enlightened acute otaku Gong X Baby-faced frosty-looking Shou 1V1, sweet, HE The shou could cross-dress There is side CP, but the main text focus on the main CP One sentence summary: 2D Otaku with Social Anxiety Also Wants to Date!

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