After Rebirth, I Returned to Miaojiang to Inherit My Family Business
After Rebirth, I Returned to Miaojiang to Inherit My Family Business
By 酒煮核弹头
58 Chapters
6 Reviews
Wu Rong died in his last life, and his life’s hard work was given cheaply to that couple of scum man and woman. He didn’t expect that after closing his eyes, he opened them and he was reborn! But the world after his rebirth, it seems, something is wrong? Scientific subversion, miraculous ghost recovery! Aunties danced in the square with the Dancing God, and the pen fairies in the stationery shop were out of stock. The whole society started a metaphysical upsurge. What’s more, since Wu Rong’s rebirth, strangers have been scrambling to call him. Stranger A: Wu Rong, don’t die! Remember, on September 15, 2142, you must travel for a trip, otherwise, you will die! Stranger B: Boss, it’s me! You should quickly die and we will rule the world together! Stranger C: Hahahaha Wu Rong, Wu Rong, I’m back. Just you wait. I’ll eat you one mouthful at a time to relieve my hatred! Stranger D: Hello, is it Wu Rong? I’m the Director of the Federal Security Administration. Please pay attention to your own safety and don’t die! …… Wu Rong: ??? It’s said that after my death, I became the strongest ghost king in the world and almost ruled the world? …… There was something wrong with this miraculous and resurgent world. Countless people and ghosts have been reborn from Ghost King Wu Rong’s reign. At this time, the future Ghost King Wu Rong, who was full of resentment and hatred, tyrannical and murderous, was still just an unruly little gangster, Brother Rong. Some people wished Wu Rong would never die and just live like a bastard. Others were eager to see the Ghost King come earlier. Even the resentful ghost begged and couldn’t help being infatuated to the extreme, loving him enough to kill him… Wu Rong: ??? What the hell is this?? As a result, under the multiple influences of the reborn ones, Wu Rong has lived a colorful life since then, and even went back to the Miao area by accident to inherit his family business. A few years later, the reborn people found out that the plot was not quite right. Where is Ghost King Wu Rong?? Who is this genius Gu master who appears in the world news all day long?!

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