Everyone Is Saying That I’m Helping Others Teach Their Boyfriend
Everyone Is Saying That I’m Helping Others Teach Their Boyfriend
By 酒煮核弹头
3 Chapters
3 Reviews
There’s a type of ex-girlfriend’s who will accompany the growth of a boy into a mature man. She will be one who teaches the boy how to be the perfect boyfriend but in the end he will become someone else’s husband. Chang Chuansi is an ordinary girl but has an unusual boyfriend at school. She knows that her ending has an 80% chance of becoming like those ex-girlfriends. Almost everyone thinks that. Chang Chuansi also thinks like that. She’s lying still like a salted fish waiting for the break up. In the end, even before she reached the ‘breakup’ ending, the ‘social death’ plot line came first. Her parents, who weren’t optimistic about their relationship too and thought they would break up after graduation, came to their daughter’s graduation ceremony with photos of their friends’ and family relatives’ sons. “My good daughter, has anyone caught your eye? Your Aunt Qin’s nephew is two years older than you and is at the age that he would know how to cherish others. He also has a stable job… How about him? Your younger maternal aunt’s colleague’s younger brother is a 190 tall man. It’s just that he’s a bit dark…” Chu Hao’s face darkened after walking over to meet her parents. Chang Chuansi swallowed her saliva: Heaven wants me dead.

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