First Move, Checkmate: How Will You Respond?
First Move, Checkmate: How Will You Respond?
By 酒煮核弹头
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[Mock-Villain + Lighthearted + Unbeatable + Online Game = Ultimate Satisfaction!] After gaming all night, he suddenly dies and finds himself reincarnated as a notorious in-game villain. Starting off, he confesses his feelings to the noble duke’s esteemed daughter. But now the duke wants him dead? Initially thinking he only had one enemy, when Victor comes to, he realizes everyone around him wishes him gone. The aloof female warrior boss is determined to behead him. The influential heiress from the top-tier family can’t wait to bury him alive. Even the stray dogs on the street despise him! And with his preordained demise looming, countless players are just waiting to share his experience points. Not wanting to wait passively for his fate, he chooses another path. “So many of you want to kill me…” “Well, I might as well worship the evil god.”