What Are You Two Doing?
What Are You Two Doing?
By Tan Suan, Carbonic Acid, 碳酸
3 Chapters
10 Reviews
The shou is a local tyrant with a pure personality, but still is a local tyrant. One day, the local tyrant shou got pushed over into the corner by an elite gong that came from the city. When the elite gong finished explaining himself, he began to openly flirt. Flirting with spirit. This can frighten our ignorant local tyrant shou. The local tyrant shou weakly pushed away the elite gong: “We are both men, can two men even date?” The elite gong affirmed: “They can! Many people do it in the city!” Local tyrant shou blinked: “Really?” Elite gong guaranteed: “Really!” Local tyrant shou was amazed: “You city people really know how to have fun!” Elite gong was proud: “Not really.” [SUMMARY DOES NOT MATCH NOVEL – reader summary below] Fluffy story about falling in love for the first time and chasing your deskmate.