101st Confession
101st Confession
By 酒煮核弹头
0 Chapters
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“Herwin, I like you, you should go out with me!” “I decline.” Without a second’s hesitation, Herwin rejected Lucia’s confession. This is how Lucia’s 98th confession came to an epic end. Lucia has had a crush on Herwin for 13 years, from when she was 8 years old to when she was 21. Throughout her 98 confessions, Lucia’s feelings for Herwin have always been the same, but so have Herwin’s. Despite the deep sense of loss she felt, Lucia still couldn’t let go of him. Her parents offer her a partner. Unable to resist, Lucia decides to confess to Herwin one last time. “I’m sorry, Lucia.” For the 99th and final time, Herwin does not accept her. Realizing that it’s all over, Lucia decides to fulfill her parents’ promise and go to the front row. *** “Lucia, who’s next to you?” Lucia’s friends are confused when they see her partnered with a man they don’t recognize. Herwin’s red eyes widened in surprise as well. Lucia tried her best to avoid his gaze. “This is the man who will be my fiancé.”

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