After Being Forced to Marry, I was Pampered to Heaven
After Being Forced to Marry, I was Pampered to Heaven
By Miss Su Zi, 蘇子小姐
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Before getting married, Fan Xing thought he was just a bed companion given to He Qingmo by his family, someone who would be discarded like old shoes once he was used up. However, Mr. He turned out to be skilled in pampering, teasing, and seducing him relentlessly. He drove Fan Xing to the point of distraction, and one day, unable to resist, Fan Xing ended up pouncing on him… And then, Mr. He laughed like a cunning old fox! **After marriage, Fan Xing thought that besides being overprotective and shameless, Mr. He didn’t have any major flaws. But he soon discovered that Mr. He was actually a big jealous pot. When his classmates invited him to watch a movie, Mr. He appeared righteous, saying, “What’s the point of watching a movie with just the two of you? I’ll treat the whole class.” So, the entire class watched the movie in one theater while he and Mr. He had their own private theater. When his childhood friend traveled a long way to visit him, Mr. He played the role of a gracious host, saying, “It’s your first time in China, right? Let me make arrangements.” As a result, his childhood friend embarked on a nationwide tour, and Fan Xing never saw him again. When White Moonlight found out he had gotten married and came back to the country to chase after him, Mr. He refused to acknowledge his own nephew and declared, “You little brat, get lost and stop thinking about my wife, or I’ll break your legs!” Fan Xing: … Mr. He, that’s your own nephew; can’t you show a little mercy? 【Dominant CEO Husband Who Spoils His Wife x Soft and Sweet Easily Seduced Husband】