After Dawn (Bing Kuai’er)
After Dawn (Bing Kuai’er)
By Bing Kuai'er, Little Ice Cube, 冰块儿
22 Chapters
6 Reviews
During a business acquisition party, Li Luo encounters his past lover Duan Mingyang once more. In those five years, Duan Mingyang played with his feelings, jailed his father, and caused the downfall of his family business. Five years later, Duan Mingyang is still merciless towards him. Right away, Duan Mingyang tries to force Li Luo out of the entertainment industry, cutting off his path. Li Luo plays along and takes initiative, approaching Duan Mingyang while suggesting that they temporarily let go of their enmity to take on their common enemy. When Duan Mingyang agrees, the two become partners of cooperation. However, in the process of collecting evidence to overturn his father’s case, Li Luo discovers that Duan Mingyang is not as heartless as Li luo imagined him to be. Duan Mingyang even seems to hold a deep affection for him. Li Luo can’t help but waver; the scale in his heart tilts farther to the side… In the end, the fire within Li Luo ignites once more. Just as he’s about to put the past behind him and reconcile with Duan Mingyang, the truth of what happened then emerges from the depths…