After Marriage Agreement with a Disabled Gangster
After Marriage Agreement with a Disabled Gangster
By Lu Shi
6 Chapters
8 Reviews
Shen Ci accidentally transmigrated into a novel. He became the tragic protagonist shou in a dog-blood novel featuring the rich and the powerful. The owner of this body was originally the spoiled young master of the Shen family. But by a twist of fate, his family fell into ruin. He was therefore sent into a marriage of convenience by his cruel father. And the person Shen Ci’s going to marry was exactly the villain Qin Yi, who, in the novel, made the blood run from people’s faces. Qin Yi was a musical genius who became famous at a young age. However, his legs were disabled due to a car “accident.” He could only be accompanied by a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Ever since then, he became gloomy, paranoid, and moody, and he avoided others. After news spread that young master Shen was marrying Qin Yi, everyone waited to see him become a joke. Waited to see him being bullied to tears by this surly and vicious psycho. – Later, Shen Ci, who was finally bullied to tears, sat on Qin Yi’s lap. His eyes were red: “If gege does this again, I will…I will run away from home!” Qin Yi held Shen Ci tight in his arms, wrapped his slender fingers around the back of Shen Ci’s neck, and whispered in his ear: “I’ll never let you run away.” How could you be willing to let go of the light that you tried your best to catch?

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