Age Of Worldwide Monsters
Age Of Worldwide Monsters
By 酒煮核弹头
32 Chapters
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Humans wished for longevity Earth wished for longevity as well. When Earth was on the brink of destruction the Will of Earth awakened. A Game App that connects the Reiki of another world was thus been born. A frustrated youth unintentionally entered this game and was drawn into a stage where 3 million criminals were embroiled in a massacre what path would he take? “This one is a Black Belt 4th Dan. Please to exchange pointers with you.” A vicious criminal gave a bloodthirsty smile. “Wing Chun Ip Man!” Lin Xiao Bei gave the most desperate brag he has done in his life. [Ding. Congratulations your bragging is successful. Obtained the martial attainments of a Wing Chun Grandmaster]