Crowning My Feral Prince
Crowning My Feral Prince
By 酒煮核弹头
108 Chapters
6 Reviews
She possessed a supporting character who was expelled from her family for marrying a commoner. Exploited by her husband, she waited for the day she could escape on her own until one day… “Ten hundred gold a day and marriage record expunged after one year of employment. How is it?” A livesafe job like honey appeared! After taking care of a prince who grew up among beasts, she thought that the only thing left to do was to get paid and leave happily. If only the idiot prince who didn’t know he was a person freed her. “Keep here- don’t go, Trixie.” The ankle of a 10-year-old dog owner didn’t know how she was caught by a dog-faced wolf. * * * The only bloodline of the imperial family, the first prince Leone Atarta.Tears came to her eyes when she saw him dressed in a robe with his hair neatly combed. “It was a really big party. It’s my debut, so there’s nothing I could do now.” “You didn’t have to do anything.” Leone smiled and rubbed his face against her palm. Somehow his purple eyes were shining brightly. “Now I will do it all.”, he said, showing a well grown man’s face. “So don’t go anywhere, master.”

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