Do You Know How to Capture a Villain?
Do You Know How to Capture a Villain?
By 酒煮核弹头
106 Chapters
9 Reviews
Ji Qingzhuo was socially anxious and clumsy, with nothing to offer except her appearance. One day, after transmigrating, she bound a strategy system in order to save the world. She had to capture Shen Rongyu, the black-bellied, beautiful senior brother in Xuan Yun Sect, to prevent him from destroying the cultivation world in the future. Ji Qingzhuo had been single for twenty years, could she learn how to capture the villain? Of course not. She started acting clumsy and ignored the tasks given by the system. While Shen Rongyu was practicing his swordplay, with snowflakes dancing in the air, she was supposed to stand beside him and applaud, showing her admiration for the senior brother. Instead, she was busy eating pastries and accidentally fed the pastries to Shen Rongyu’s sword, a weapon that had taken countless lives. After she left, Shen Rongyu raised his sword and shook it several times to make the pastry come out. When Ji Qingzhuo accidentally discovered Shen Rongyu’s old injury after he got hurt, she was supposed to shed tears and show her care for him. But she struggled for a long time without shedding a tear and could only dryly touch the wound, saying, “Senior brother, your tattoo looks really cool.” Shen Rongyu was infuriated by her words and fell ill for three months. Finally, she had a chance to have a heart-to-heart conversation with Shen Rongyu, where she should have taken their relationship further. However, Ji Qingzhuo overslept and the next morning she went to Shen Rongyu with breakfast, asking if he wanted to eat together. After waiting all night, Shen Rongyu, who was extremely tired, replied, “I’m not eating.” In the end, the righteous sect was still overturned, and Shen Rongyu walked amidst bones and blood, covering her eyes with one hand to shield her from the gruesome sight. Ji Qingzhuo was extremely nervous, wondering if it was her turn now. Her long eyelashes trembled restlessly in his palm. Just as she was about to explain to the system about the aftermath, unexpectedly, Shen Rongyu leaned down, and his lips brushed against her ear. In the darkness, his voice was deep and slightly obsessive. “Ji Qingzhuo, at this point, when you’re capturing me, can you be a bit more serious?” [Highlights] Mutual redemption, the female lead has psychological barriers and social anxiety, and the male lead plays a significant role in redeeming the female lead. Content tags: Love at First Sight Search keywords: Protagonist: Ji Qingzhuo, Shen Rongyu ┃ Supporting roles: Other characters are not important ┃ Others:

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