Don’t Talk To Me!
Don’t Talk To Me!
By Three Thousand Big Dreams To Narrate One's Life
36 Chapters
8 Reviews
Yu Sheng is born with a Crow Mouth. Nothing good he says comes true, whereas everything bad he says does. In the last exam before summer vacation for his 2nd year of High School, “Troublemaker” Yu Sheng from the terrifying Central Third High jinxes himself into the place where the cream of the crop gathers — The Provincial Interhigh Summer Camp. Because of his face, he was picked to be the partner of the neighbouring Province Point High School’s No. 1. The night before their finals, the undefeatable Young Master Yu who has never blanched before speaks up. He hurtles tonnes of tr*sh-talk at the No. 1 Home Tutor who slams the door on him— You were almost late to the exam! You almost forgot to shade your MCQ! You nearly got off-topic in your essay! The invigilators were all flocking around you! You can only score 50 points more than the city’s No. 2 at most! …… Later, when he outscores the city’s No. 2 by 50 points in his Sciences, Jin Linkun faces the media who swarm him and answers simply when asked the secret to his excellent marks. “Study hard, study smart, and have a good attitude.” Jin Linkun: “And also, find a little Crow Mouth to fall in love with.”

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