The Princess is Stuck on a Wall
The Princess is Stuck on a Wall
By 酒煮核弹头
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Introduction: One morning, Princess Mercedes woke up to find herself stuck to a wall. ‘Why on earth…?’ Such details were not particularly important. What mattered much more were the events that awaited her. ━━━━⊱⋆⊰━━━━ Cassis sighed, wiping his face. “It’s my fault.” “Yes. Don’t even think about apologizing!” “If it’s my fault…” Then, he smacked Mercedes’ plump butt, causing her legs to momentarily float in the air. “Ah!” “If I’m guilty of anything, it’s that I didn’t realize the princess’s le*dness until now.” “W, what……, ah!” Once again, she felt the man’s firm palm on her butt. She winced hard at the unfamiliar pain. But even more shocking to Mercedes was the realization that she was being spanked by Cassis.

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