The Protagonist Pursues Me Relentlessly
The Protagonist Pursues Me Relentlessly
By 酒煮核弹头
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Former world champion Jiang Mo was once impoverished and on the brink of death, but he found himself transported into a book, becoming a fake young master within its pages. Upon the return of the real young master, the original protagonist was kicked out of the family, and the clueless original host joined a dating reality show. The stage for the eight contestants was actually a story about the protagonist and his six pursuers. Due to the original host’s wicked actions, he became despised by everyone. When Jiang Mo arrived, his agent handed him the script for the despised character, and he had to act according to the script to support the protagonist. Jiang Mo: Can I not act? Agent: There’s a breach of contract fee of five million, but if you act well, we’ll give you an additional hundred thousand. Jiang Mo: I’ll act!!! As the program aired, the male contestants lavished attention on the protagonist. Jiang Mo held his script, just like in the original story, and the audience compared him to the protagonist. The other contestants intentionally avoided Jiang Mo, but the first-ranked actor in the book, Chi Ying, stuck to him. Even Chi Ying’s fans noticed it—why was their idol so infatuated with Jiang Mo? #ChiYu x Jiang Mo# started trending, and the fans of Chi Ying mobilized— The stoic Chi Yu only smiles at Jiang Mo. Chi Yu only protects Jiang Mo, and his gaze is always fixated on him… It was all initiated by Chi Yu. What’s so good about Jiang Mo? From Chi Yu’s perspective— Jiang Mo’s smile is so sweet. When playing games, only Jiang Mo looks at Chi Yu with a worried expression. When scared, Jiang Mo immediately rushes to Chi Yu’s side and grabs hold of him… “Wuwuwu, it’s too sweet. Who the f*ck wouldn’t be obsessed with this?” “Can I have a cute little kitty like this, please?” “The gaze of Chi Ying, the king of actors, is truly discerning.” “Sorry, but I’m getting high off this.” After the two got together, gossip spread about Chi Ying’s affair with the rising star jungler, Wish. In the leaked photos, there was a familiar figure with a white head nestled in Chi Ying’s embrace… Fans widened their eyes, finding it hard to believe. How could the husband who dominated the arena be Chi Ying’s little kitty?! #Damn, my husband became someone else’s husband?# [Reading Guide] 1. Excellent at gaming, usually innocent and sweet, occasionally naturally dark as a submissive with possessiveness multiplied by eight hundred filters. The love-struck aggressor, with the submissive being 170 cm tall and the aggressor being 193 cm tall, have a significant physical difference with an 8-year age gap. 2. Same-s*x marriage background, the aggressor is in the entertainment industry, and the submissive leaves the industry after participating in the dating reality show to pursue a professional gaming career. The aggressor pursues the submissive, initially attracted to him and then falls deeply in love upon further interactions. 3. A sweet and fluffy story with little logic. If it doesn’t suit your reading preferences, please exit promptly. Do not share if you choose to abandon the story. Have a pleasant life.

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