Above The Sky (Yin Tianshen Yin)
Above The Sky (Yin Tianshen Yin)
By 酒煮核弹头
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“I don’t care about how people in this world live, whether they have something to eat, whether they can wear warm clothes, whether they have dreams and hope. “I don’t care what they love or hate.” “It’s just that if you want to go above the sky, you need a complete system of advanced technology, a whole set of related research institutes, the most advanced science laboratories, and a big government that can coordinate all sectors.” It would require tens of thousands of different auxiliary manufacturers to supply the best components, millions of high-level intellectuals to contribute their minds to this purpose, and countless numbers of wealthy people who dedicate their wealth until the end.” “In short, it would take an abundance of resources from the world and a great civilization to accomplish it.” — Ian a world reborn from the ruins. an era that is coming to an end. A group of prisoners of fate fighting for power and wealth on the land. A young man is staring at the sky. Prisoners of fate are looking out of the windows of fate, and most of them are only looking at the ground. Only one is looking up at the stars.

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