After Divorce, I Became Pregnant With My Ex-Husband’s Child
After Divorce, I Became Pregnant With My Ex-Husband’s Child
By Deep Blue Water Shallow
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With just one pregnancy test, Jiang Wan Yu successfully broke up the enviable golden couple in the city and married into the Lin family. But it seems she’s not the winner. Half a year into the marriage, he couldn’t stand the sight of her. After carrying the baby for seven months, he cruelly removed their child by surgery, just to comfort his beloved woman. “Jiang Wan Yu, this is your debt to Wen Jing! Your child belongs to him now, and you have no right to raise him!” She finally left, and her heart was devoid of any emotion. When they met again, she plunged a knife into his chest and smiled cunningly in the arms of another man, treating him like a stranger. He pressed her against the wall, “Jiang Wan Yu, who is that damn man?” Jiang Wan Yu pushed away his restraining arms, and coldly smiled, “Of course, he’s my husband, my child’s father!” “I won’t allow it! You can’t leave me unless I’m dead!” The man erupted in anger. Jiang Wan Yu sneered, ”You won’t allow it? Who do you think you are? What right do you have to forbid anything, Lin Yi Chen? Everything you once looked down upon, there are plenty of men who appreciate it! I no longer need you!”

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