After Entering a Book, He Just Wants to be a Flower Vase
After Entering a Book, He Just Wants to be a Flower Vase
By Poplar Breeze
65 Chapters
13 Reviews
Jiang Dao died extremely heroically in the apocalyptic world war. He never thought that he would have a chance to open his eyes again. He traveled through, into a danmei book he had read, and became a vicious villain in the book. Jiang Dao thought to himself: “After more than ten years of fighting for my life in the last days, I’m tired, so what am I fighting for? It’s better to be a vase. Use my face to finish the brokerage contract, and then find a corner in the world with beautiful scenery and live a peaceful life of growing vegetables, cooking, and raising cats and dogs…” So, he returned the role that the original owner had snatched from the protagonist shou on the spot. Unexpectedly, in the variety show that started shooting the next day, Jiang Dao performed a shoulder toss and threw the current number one kung fu actor, Chu Yinlong, to the ground. Chu Yinlong: Boy, you have successfully caught my attention. My new movie, the villain, can fight, you come. Jiang Dao: …Sorry, I’m just a vase. ———— In a later interview. A reporter asked Chu Yinlong: “How would you rate your perfect partner, Mr. Jiang Dao?” Chu Yinlong replied: “A vase.” Reporter: “How can a kung fu superstar as famous as him be a vase?” Chu Yinlong: “Diamond vase. Precious, beautiful, hard enough.”

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