Agreeing to Create Bad Games, What the Hell Is ‘Titanfall’?
Agreeing to Create Bad Games, What the Hell Is ‘Titanfall’?
By Ibuprofen Warrior, 布洛芬战士
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“I, Shen Miaomiao, reluctantly took over a game company at the start.” Fortunately, the rebate system awakened just in time. As long as the company incurred losses, the system would compensate me with ten times the amount! So, the goal of this young CEO is to bring the company down! Financial freedom! “I, Gu Sheng, transmigrated into a game designer at the start.” Fortunately, the Game Treasury System awakened, allowing me to climb to the throne of the Game King by creating hit games! So, the goal of this Game Director is to expand and create brilliance once again! … When a laid-back CEO encounters a determined game designer, the company’s direction gradually becomes abstract. “You said no one plays mech games? What is this ‘Titan’s Fall’ you created?” “You said the horror game market is lacking? What’s the deal with this ‘Escape’ game?” “You said second-generation shooters are easy to lose money? Are you remaking ‘Call of Duty’?” As Shen Miaomiao looked at the profitable financial reports, her mind buzzed. Not a single penny was lost, so she made up her mind! “From now on, let’s torture the players mercilessly!” She couldn’t believe that she couldn’t lose this money! Upon hearing this, Gu Sheng unfolded a stack of game proposals in his hands. “Boss, take a look at these—’Black Blood Renegade’ and ‘Wolf.’ Which one should we start with?”