I Accidentally Kidnapped The Ultimate Villain
I Accidentally Kidnapped The Ultimate Villain
By Baek Il-hong
19 Chapters
3 Reviews
She possessed the villainess who kidnaps the Crown Prince in the original story. But somehow, instead of abducting him, she kidnapped the final boss, the evil mastermind, the éminence grise of the novel! And he lost his memory due to the shock!! “Who are you? Who am I? Why are you here?” She was determined to soothe him, treat him kindly, and send him back to the Duke’s residence as long as he pledged not to kill her in the future. “The Princess is really careless,” But she had a hunch that things were starting to go awry. “Even though you are alone in a bedroom with a total stranger, you’re not nervous at all…” “Duke, no, Sir Kylian.” “Yes.” “I didn’t tell you but, Sir Kylian has a fianceé.” ‘I’ll send you back even if I have to lie!’ The moment she decided to act that way, her shoulders were pushed, and she slowly fell backward. Her slender back pressed into the floor, and her hair spread around. Having pinned her with his upper body and arms, he looked down at her and spoke. A low-pitched voice rang in her ears like a growl. “Doesn’t my fianceé have the Princess’s face?” The evil villain pointedly revealed his dark intentions.

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