KPL’s Strongest Support
KPL’s Strongest Support
By 酒煮核弹头
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As a substitute player who watches the drinking fountain all year round, Yu Yue thought that she would sit on the cold bench for this lifetime. Who knew that during the team’s life and death moment, the team captain, Lu Qi, would request to substitute the support. Henceforth, she became famous with one match, the team rising from the ashes! When people all over the world celebrated the fact that JK had found a peerless support and counterattacked from a relegation team to a championship team, the team captain hid behind the trophy and touched the hand of his family’s cute little support, “I heard that you would work like an ox and horse to repay your patronage?” Yu Yue: “……” Lu Qi: “How ‘bout changing the way of repaying, and promising yourself to me instead?” [Tieba Gossip: From substitute support to being accepted as KPL’s strongest support, where exactly is JK-Eden stronger than the others?] 1L: She’s a female 2L: Strong ability to support and provide good vision (especially when supporting Lu Ge) 3L: Has good instincts …… 1001L: While being strong herself, she had also raised a mad dog named Lu Qi in the mid lane Cute Little Support X Mid Lane Demon King. The male lead is a team tyrant. Game background: Honor of Kings/King of Glory, though there are slight changes.

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