Spoil You All Your Life
Spoil You All Your Life
By 酒煮核弹头
5 Chapters
1 Reviews
Shizixian, is the most handsome army general. Compelling heroic spirit, handsome, and outstandingly talented. When he stands still, it’s as if a jade tree is facing the wind, peerless under the heavens. When he smiles, the sky and earth brightens, as if the sun and moon are both dazzling the world. Shizixian: “Little thing, do you know the regulations for divorcing in a military marriage?” Mo Zimu: “Won’t tell you.” Shizexian: “Be good. Recite it, surprise me.” “Don’t play with me, this is not surprising enough… The spouse of an active serviceman who requests a divorce must obtain the consent of the serviceman, except for in circumstances of where the serviceman has committed a great wrong” [Interpretation: If both husband and wife agree to divorce, they can agree to divorce just like ordinary marriage. Otherwise, as long as the servicemen has not committed a major wrong, he will have a veto power on the divorce.] “So fast, I’m surprised!” The alarm he gave her was unexpectedly enough – — — Mo Zimu, a very principled person, her principle is simply- read the mood! Alluring as a fox, recklessly flashy. In her view, love as such when the couple should be harmonious, evenly matched, low demands or pithily waiting; None of that are to her taste! “I’ve thought there were many different kinds of happiness, but I have never once dreamed of the kind of happiness you’ve given me.” “I’ve thought about many different kinds of love, but I have never dreamed of the kind of love you’ve given me”. “I’ve thought about different ways of ways dying, but I never dreamed of you…” “If I am not a powerful career women, then I want ‘Memoriable Planning’!” (TN: the company where she works as a Chief) “If there is such a great thing as a next life, you will still be my exclusive protector, okay?” “We, have a next life?”

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