By 一度君华, Yi Junhua
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“You are the impenetrable armor that shields me, yet also the vulnerable heart that crumbles at the slightest touch.” This is an immersive fantasy tale where the female protagonist, through four instances of returning to the past, alters her own destiny and that of everyone around her. A scheming female lead and an enigmatic male lead. Part One: Huang Rang finds herself trapped like a living corpse in a secret chamber. She is eventually rescued by the esteemed Di Yiqiu of the Celestial Court. Afterward, she washes away her troubles in a ritual bath, using five basins of water to cleanse her soul. Part Two: Di Yiqiu of the Celestial Court crafts an exquisitely beautiful “figurine” that appears remarkably feminine. Surprisingly, this figure embodies the one who rejected Di YiQiu’s proposal and instead became the wife of the esteemed leader of the foremost Immortal Sect! Could it be that Di Yiqiu of the Celestial Court, was so unable to overcome this obstacle that he became consumed by longing? Thus, in imitation of Mrs.Xie… created a counterfeit?! Everyone: Astounded! Part Three: On a bustling street, Master of the Celestial Court abruptly halts his steps. Instantly, everyone unsheathes their swords, ready to defend, only to witness him unexpectedly entering a rouge shop. Rouge, cosmetics, and perfumes?! Half an hour later, as they exit the rouge shop, carrying bottles and jars of starlit eyeshadow, golden rouge powder, peach blossom lip balm, peony flower jelly, and more, they are overcome by a sense of absurdity, pondering, “Who am I? Where am I?” Part Four: Huang Rang proceeds to Master Celestial Court’s chamber, taking a seat on his bed. Master Celestial Court willingly squats down to remove her embroidered shoes. While unfastening the laces of her silk stockings, Huang Rang suddenly realizes this and strikes him in the chest with her foot. Holding Huang Rang’s stockings, Master Celestial Court gazes at her face, then at her feet. Engaging in such menial acts so naturally and effortlessly, as though he had performed them for her countless times before. Could it be that he unknowingly assumes a submissive demeanor in her presence? Astounding!! Part Five: It is the grand celebration of the Little Prince’s first month, attended by all the esteemed court officials. Undeterred by formalities, Huang Rang sets her sights on indulging in the delectable treats before her. As she takes a sip of tea, preparing to savor a pastry, someone nearby remarks, “The Eighty-Sixth Prince possesses an incredibly auspicious countenance, exuding irresistible charm.” “Poof—” Huang Rang accidentally sprays the tea onto the ground. …Never in her wildest dreams did she imagine that she would be someone who partakes in her own husband’s first month celebration.