After A Crazy Yandere Was Reborn In Her Husband’s Body
After A Crazy Yandere Was Reborn In Her Husband’s Body
By 酒煮核弹头
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*This story contains elements of r*pe, illegal video-capturing, stalking and yandere. DO NOT proceed if you’re uncomfortable with such elements/ topic. Zhou Nian found out that her own husband has become very weird. During s*x, he would crazily and wildly f*ck her and would even degrade her. Her previous husband was a gentle university professor. They would sleep together once every 2 weeks, 30 minutes each and he never ej*culated inside her. It was as if he was working with instructions, step-by-step. But her current husband would put his hot c*ck in her ut*rus everytime, ej*culating warm s*men inside her. It was to the point where she would sleep with his c*ck inside her. During s*x, he would also bite her ears, degrading her as a ‘Little Sl*t’. Furthermore, what he enjoyed the most was seeing her become inc*ntinent, p*eing all over the bed. Zhou Nian greatly loved her husband. Initially, she was very shy to be f*cked into a sl*t by her husband but now she can’t bear to live without his c*ck for a day. However, Zhou Nian didn’t know that her husband thought that he was reborn. Gu Qinghan was a yandere. However, in order to not scare his rabbit-like wife, he acted as a calm and collected university professor. Yet everytime when he saw Zhou Nian smile, he couldn’t help but want to f*ck her until she can’t leave the bed. But he was afraid that the moment he did so, revealing his inner desires, Zhou Nian would leave him. Hence, he continued his act everyday. Until he had an accident, losing a part of his memory. Gu Qinghan treated the calm, collected professor as his original body and mistook himself for reborning into Zhou Nian’s husband’s body. Hence, his hidden desires and personality started to emerge.

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