After Playing the Fool and Marrying the Blind Villain [Transmigration]
After Playing the Fool and Marrying the Blind Villain [Transmigration]
By 酒煮核弹头
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When he awoke, Pei Yi had transmigrated into the wealthy young master of the same name in a book. The original owner was ten years old when he fell into the pool and nearly drowned. When he woke up again, he was a mentally impaired child and became the laughingstock of the entire Imperial Capital circle. The profit-oriented elders regarded him as a bargaining chip for business transactions, and followed the instigation and arrangements of the Bo family to make him marry the Second Young Master Bo, who was blinded in a car accident. A fool and a blind man, this was obviously a humiliation. It was a pity that others didn’t know that Second Young Master Bo was the most important villain in the book. Not only would his eye disease be cured, but he would become the only person with authority in the Bo family. As for the foolish original owner, after being kicked out of the Bo residence by the protagonist of the original book, he still couldn’t escape the fate of falling into the river and dying tragically. . . . Knowing the plot of the book he transmigrated into, Pei Yi met “his” nominal marriage partner, Bo Yueming, not long after— With a golden figure and long legs, a god-given handsome face and a strong waist, the point was that the other party was still blind! He could do what he wanted without fear of being watched! Very good, this marriage must be finalized! While playing the role of a fool, Pei Yi used the cover of the Bo family to make a lot of money in private. Taking advantage of “being cannon-fodder” in the original plot, Pei Yi earned enough savings and planned to leave the Bo family, but in the end, his way out was precisely blocked by Bo Yueming. “Where are you going?” Those eyes were no longer lifeless and gloomy, but full of unrelenting possessiveness. “……Aren’t your eyes still blind?” “I was pretending.” “? ? ?” . . . The second young master of the Bo family had a secret that no one knew. In order to seize power and get revenge, after the car accident, he resorted to tricks and pretended to be ill in order to relax the vigilance of the enemies in his family. For this reason, he would rather endure the words of others about this ridiculous marriage, but what he didn’t expect was that the foolish young master of the Pei family was also pretending— When this person shouted, “I want to drink milk,” he turned around and poured the fine wine from his wine cabinet into his mouth. When this person shouted, “Wear bear pajamas,” he would swing in front of him in his nightgown with long, bare legs showing. When this person shouted, “Husband, protect me,” he turned his head and planned to beat the relative who had bullied him into the ground. Bo Yueming never exposed the cute behavior of his partner, but just got along with him better and better one day after another, until a certain day— Pei Yi said sweetly, “Goodnight, husband,” but in the next second, he swaggered out with his luggage and planned to run away. Bo Yueming: Stop pretending, wife is trying to run away? 🙂

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