Before the Villains’ Ending
Before the Villains’ Ending
By Grapefruit Salmon
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After transmigrating into a novel near its end, she found herself inhabiting the body of a supporting character: Margaret Colin Eilish,the ill-fated younger sister of a villainess destined to meet her demise within two months. And while frequently visiting her incarcerated new older sister, she coincidentally interacted with the other villains imprisoned there … “Didn’t you get better?” “…What?” In this prison where she often went to see her sister, the villains of the novel started paying attention to her. “I’m asking if your illness wasn’t just for show. Answer me, Margaret Eilish.” The man’s words, in this dangerously close atmosphere, were out of her expectations. Caught off guard, she looked at him from a safe distance. Get a hold of yourself, Margaret. Nothing good would come out from revealing her fake illness in front of the guards. Then, He whispered in the middle of her confusion. “… Tell me the truth. I’ll listen to you calmly.”

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