Bestial Blade
Bestial Blade
By Priest
35 Chapters
10 Reviews
In a world where strength is power and one’s worth is decided by birth, Chang An goes against the odds by learning the way of the saber. He was born as a frail and sickly sub-beast, falling ill when exposed to even a little gust of wind, yet from a young age, he has always yearned to be strong like the beastman warriors. Everyone tells him that it’s impossible, and he himself nearly resigned to it as well. However, upon experiencing the death of a loved one, he learns that only by being strong can one be a master of their fate. On the other hand, Hua Yi, the son of a Chief, is a beastman with silver marks. He is gifted with immense power and could rule over others if he so pleases. However, he finds himself to be different from the other beastmen. He has no desire to conquer, and inside he is softhearted. He would’ve liked to keep living a simple and carefree life, but after a betrayal from a family member, he is forced to grow up. These two once innocent children are brought together by fate. Together, they navigate a cruel beastman world, and along the way, they learn more about life and themselves.

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