The Little Duchess’ Home Tutor
The Little Duchess’ Home Tutor
By E Mei
0 Chapters
12 Reviews
He was going down a good path in life, until that time came. Although he was a commoner, he still managed to rank second at the Royal Academy due to his own efforts, surpassing even nobility. Later graduating from a University with an excellent record, he was guaranteed a good workplace. If things went smoothly, he would have surely become a Court Magician. An elite amongst elites. But, well,due to circumstances I failed the exam—what a shame. And I didn’t even have enough money for the train fare back home either. In such a dire situation, my professor introduced me to a job: to become a home tutor for a Duke’s daughter. This job smells fishy…. This is a story of a man who wants to lead an ordinary life, but unexpectedly gets caught up in a competition between his frenemy from his academy days and his tutoring student —all of this forcing him to climb the ladder of society. …How did this happen?

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